Blonde model wears a very pale gold bridal headband with a stone wall background
Blonde hair Bride wears a Champagne Gold wide bridal headband with leaves with a stone wall background
A model Bride with blonde hair wears a gold bridal crown at the front of her head with a stone wall behind

Maeve - Gold

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This is a Handmade Piece We usually have one in stock but we may have to make another for you. Please contact us in the question box below for an estimated arrival time when purchasing.

Maeve is a wide lovely handmade bridal headband with palest gold leaves and pearls and with tiny touches of crystal just here and there. The headband itself is totally soft and all elements are flexible on a gentle frame with no spring so there is no chance for headaches. Maeve is the perfect modern wide headband to complete your look. All leaf parts are overlaid with a pearly white finish, giving a soft shine. 

Maeve is also available in White Silver and as a double width version Julietta in both colours. 

Maeve is a handmade bridal headband. We often have one in stock otherwise handmade orders may take three weeks to arrive. 

All our jewellery comes packaged in Windsor Bridal Jewellery packaging, featuring luxury boxes as a keepsake of your precious Windsor Bridal Jewellery piece. 

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