About Us

Windsor Bridal Jewellery

Windsor Bridal Jewellery was founded in 1997 in Australia as a Handmade Bridal Jewellery business. Today we supply Bridal Jewellery to all major cities in Australia and New Zealand. In the United Kingdom we have stockists right across the country including London, Cornwall, The Midlands,  Scotland and Northern Ireland. We also have stockists in Ireland, Belgium, USA, Norway, Sweden, Poland, Malta and Turkey etc

Windsor Bridal Jewellery are makers of unique and luxury Bridal Jewellery for the Bride and Bridal Party with many of our products being made by hand using the highest quality materials. We specialise in Bridal Tiaras, Bridal Headbands, Bridal Vines, Bridal Accessories and Bridal Jewelry of all kinds featuring Swarovski stones in Tiaras, Swarovski Earrings, Headbands, Side Combs, Necklaces and so much more. In recent times Windsor designs and arranges the manufacturing of some Ready to Wear pieces whilst continuing to produce a large Handmade Bridal Accessories collection. 

Our Handmade range features grand and unique designs unlike anything seen before including Swarovski Bridal Tiaras and Swarovski Bridal Headbands. We offer the option to customise some handmade designs and are open to special requests.