Brown hair model wears a rose gold headpiece on her forehead against a white background
Brown hair model wears a white flower vine on her forehead against a white background
Model with light brown hair wearing a white headpiece against a white background
Brown hair bride wearing a long white vine against a white background

Eve Flower Halo - Rose Gold

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This is a Handmade Piece We usually have one in stock but we may have to make another for you. Please contact us in the question box below for an estimated arrival time when purchasing.

The Eve Halo is a larger version of the Eve Flowers. This is a gorgeous Handmade Bridal Vine that is perfect for a classical or bohemian style bridal look. The halo shape is angelic and elegant in nature and is a gorgeous and subtle statement piece. Dainty and delicate these flowers come in three colour tones each hand painted with an interesting matte pearlescent shine. These are a very Pale Blush on Silver, Pale Gold and Bright Shiny Rose Gold. 

Eve Halo is a handmade bridal hair vine. We often have one in stock otherwise handmade orders may take three weeks to arrive. 

The flowers are made from very thin coated brass. Light as a petal, the Eve Halo holds with a strong clip fastenings on either side to guarantee comfortable wear all day long. The Eve Halo can be worn on any hairstyle up or down allowing you the freedom to play around with different hairstyles.

All our jewellery comes packaged in Windsor Bridal Jewellery packaging, featuring luxury boxes as a keepsake of your precious Windsor Bridal Jewellery piece. 

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