Jasmine visited a Bridal Shop that we supply and saw our Rose Gold Cassandra Belt on Dusty Pink Ribbon. 

She really loved the motif part of the belt and how the pearlescent pale rose gold colour of the leaves matched perfectly with the Dusty Pink Ribbon. She bought the belt from the shop and then contacted us through our website and wanted to know if we could make a Custom Wide Headband in the same components as the lovely Cassandra Belt. Some shops carry a large range of our products however custom designed accessories are sometimes too large of a task for them, so they refer their brides to us for Custom Designs. We love custom design work and we were able to make Jasmine her piece in a very short time frame. First we made Jasmine a small mock-up to give her an impression of the design, sending her photos and video via email. She loved it and told us to go ahead. Once her Headband was completed we sent her another video and more photos before we shipped it to her.

A few days later Jasmine received her Custom Headband and was absolutely delighted! She told us that in real life it was way better than she had expected! We also sent her some additional dusty pink ribbon which she used to tie her brides maid's bouquets, which made a gorgeous finishing touch as everything matched and tied together perfectly. From start to finish Jasmine's Custom Headband took us a total of 7 working days to complete. Custom pieces like Jasmine's are surprisingly affordable and we are happy to work within a budget where possible. She direct messaged us on Instagram saying how she felt like a princess and shared some gorgeous images from her big day! What a perfect wedding!

Jasmine wearing her Rose Gold Handmade Headband on her wedding day

Instagram message from Jasmine saying how she felt like a princess

Thank you so much Jasmine, you looked stunning on your wedding day and we are so glad you love your piece!

Jasmine and her Bridesmaids smiling on her wedding day featuring the bridal belt and cutom headband


May 18, 2020 — Windsor Bridal Jewellery

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