SKU: WV212-Rhiannon-AU

Light, white and lovely Rhiannon Vine is a daydreamer’s bridal delight. This design will have you looking and feeling like a fairytale princess featuring a perfectly entwined arrangement of ceramic flowers, pearls and moonlight silver leaves.

Easily adjusted for individual style preference and comfort, Rhiannon comes fitted with strong clips at each end to ensure an easy and secure fit. With Rhiannon as your crowning glory as you walk down the aisle, you might not want to take this one off at the end of the day.

Brides also love customising this piece by making it bigger or smaller, adding extra pearls and crystals, and adding additional components such as leaves. You are welcome to find out more about our Custom Designs. Rhiannon is a very lovely bridal vine with ceramic flowers. When wearing Rhiannon you will look captivatingly lovely - eyes may never leave you on your wedding day. Rhiannon is teeming with lovely elements, such as multiple layers of various ceramic flowers and small sprigs of peals and leaves. Rhiannon grows from the centre outwards and graces the back of your head with a natural flow. Light and flexible, Rhiannon is comfortable for wear all day and easy to apply with two small strong clips at either end. Perfect for you if you are looking for a nature inspired piece with subdued sparkle and elegant charm. 

Customising this piece is very popular. Brides love to make it bigger or smaller, add extra pearls and crystals and add extra components such as leaves. Find out more about our Custom Designs here

This piece comes luxuriously packaged in a customised Windsor Bridal Jewellery box that will keep your precious piece radiant and ready to wear.

Material: Brass and Swarovski Crystal with Pearl beads and ceramic flowers
Weight: 44g
Height: 4cm

Length about 38 cm 

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